SHV500 – Quality Control System

For the measurement of concrete products.


The highest quality exemplar of its kind convinces through precision and longevity.

The SHV500 is located as close as possible behind the block machine and above the board conveyor for the supporting boards. The blocks passing below the device are laser-scanned without contact and measured with an exactitude of +/- 0.5mm. The measuring range of the block heights is between 30and 480mm.

The height of the blocks is determined by measuring the relative height between the top surface of the boards and the top surface of the blocks. This principle of measuring removes the uncertainty arising from varying heights and qualities of baseboards. With up to 7,500 measurements per second the height of one row of concrete blocks is recorded. For the determination of the product height, only the relevant elements of the product surface will be evaluated. Due to this specific measuring process, slants, burrs, indentations or rough surfaces will not falsify the measuring result.

The laser sensors are installed on horizontally moving slides travelling along a rail made of aluminium profile. The slides allow to adapt the scan position to the current object to be scanned. This is necessary as various product types need to be scanned.


More about the SHV500

precise. strategic. efficient.

The SHV500 convinces with highest precision. The individual components of the sophisticated laser measuring technology guarantee optimal height measurement of your concrete products.

Further information about the SHV500 can be found in our flyer.

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precise. strategic. efficient.


The SHV500 enables contactless measurement of your products - as precise as the razor-sharp view of an eagle!


The SHV500's modularity ensures a high degree of flexibility and can be optimally adapted to your individual requirements.


The SHV500 works efficiently and will quickly become a quality guarantor within your production.


precise. strategic. efficient.

R&W market innovation in the concrete block industry

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Visualization SHV-VISU

In order to integrate the SHV500 seamlessly in a modern production environment, we have developed a Windows-based software solution which offers user-friendly operation, effective data storage and high-performance analysis.

The accruing data are completely stored in a database. For this either an already existing server at the company can be used, or the local computer of the machine that is delivered together with the SHV500.

The software SHV-Visu can be installed on multiple computers. A distinction is made between the server and client version. The SHV-Visu server is installed once per SHV500 on the computer of the machine. The server provides the full functionality and should always be switched on for storing the data. The SHV-Visu client can be installed on multiple computers within the company network.

This version has a read-only access to the data of the server. The client can also interface with multiple servers if several SHV500s are present in a plant. This gives you an overview of all measuring systems from a central location.


Functions SHV-VISU

In addition to the web visualization, a Windows visualization is also available. The following additional functions are provided:

  • Intuitive operation
  • Archiving the measurement results
  • Graphical display of the archived measurement results
  • Tabular display of the archived measurement results
  • Early detection of irregularities during production through trend display
  • Filter functions simplify the selection of data
  • Statistical evaluation
  • Printing of tables and graphics
  • Exporting the data

The data can be accessed from any PC in the network.



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