3D Inspection System

The new reality of block height measurement.


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The 3D Inspection System convinces with detailed and intelligent quality control. Its 3D sensor technology enables exact quality analysis through early fault detection.

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Height control of concrete blocks in a range of 20 – 490 mm with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm.


Automatic inspection of the products for anomalies (blowouts, holes, cracks, etc.) immediately in production.


Prevention of cost-intensive complaints through data recording and evaluation.


3D sensor technology enables exact quality analysis

The R&W measuring methods in the 3D Inspection System use the relative height between the top edge of the production plate and the top edge of the stone for height measurement. This measurement principle results in independence from the fluctuations in the height and quality of the production plates.

The unit displays the product heights with a resolution of 0.1 mm. The accuracy of the measurement is +/- 0.5 mm. In addition to height measurement, the 3D sensor is able to check the surface of the concrete products for defects. This is made possible by a special 3D camera and a laser with a bright laser line. This allows the sensor to check accurately, even for concrete products in dark colours. Optional equipment of the system with an additional high-resolution 2D camera and illumination is possible. This allows us to detect fine cracks and stains in the texture.

Typically recognised faults


Surface and block height at a glance

The measurement system has a frame to hold the three-laser sensors and a lifting device for the 3D sensor, camera and lighting. Thanks to the flexible design, all of the components are height-adjustable and compatible with local conditions. The entire system is covered with protective plates. These protect the sensors and prevent external light from affecting the measuring system. All of the sensors used have protection class IP65 and are suitable for use in concrete plants.

Display in the R&W software


Advantages 3D Inspection System

  • exact height measurement of all concrete blocks on the production plate
  • detailed inspection of the concrete blocks for anomalies, such as lifts, chipping, holes, cracks, etc.
  • extension of existing R&W stone height measuring systems (SHV200/SHV500) possible
  • measurement of freshly produced concrete products on continuous production plates in a height range of 20 - 490 mm
  • early fault detection
  • reduction of scrap
  • data collection and evaluation

    Use of the 3D Inspection System on the wet side

  • direct feedback to optimise production

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